Two Songs

by These Elk Forever

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These are two songs that were written during late summer of 2015 and then recorded at night on my front porch while my neighbors talked and cars drove by and everyone ignored me because I was hiding in the corner of my front porch with my guitar.


released September 25, 2015

Gregory Gover wrote/recorded/performed everything



all rights reserved


These Elk Forever Kingston, Pennsylvania

These Elk Forever is Gregory Gover (born February 12th, 1978) of Kingston, Pennsylvania.

Oh, like: the Wyoming Valley, Richard Brautigan, "Bomb Culture", Leonard Cohen, Luc Ferrari, the alphabet, Crass, "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark", Roscoe Holcomb, "Famous Men of the Middle Ages", Emma Goldman
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Track Name: Marble Skin
I went to bed with a broken heart.

I washed the blood from my chest; I dressed the wounds on my arm.

You looked ghost-like in the bar light: all thinned out on a summer night.

I keep caught up in the moment (when we were walking toward the ocean) the muted sound of waves collapsing haunted us like hospital food and lung cancer.

Oh, your small throat.

Oh, great meadow, shine on our marble skin.

"I could never love you completely. You're just another crack across my ceiling."

And now there are blood clots where your bruises were, and a bright blue calm sweeping over you.

If we get sad in the springtime (or we black out after a couple of lines) I'll hold my teeth sharp, and my eyes wide, and praise your grace for the rest of my life.

Oh, your small throat.

Oh, great meadow, shine on our marble skin.
Track Name: Crisis Acting On Our Anniversary
You were face down on a bathroom floor (all burnt and coiled and turned out) when your mom came to pick you up you were all numb from the waist down.

In a pastel jumper and a sleeping bag (and a pair of earrings from your step-dad) you tried calling to apologize.

Dear, on our second anniversary in a motel room in Tennessee (near the blue wash of the window seat) you could barely stand to look at me.

I kept careless in my confidence and you kept caught up by my arrogance (like we were unreported accidents).

I guess we're unreported accidents.